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February 23 2018


Why Professional Sports Teams Have Physical Therapists

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It is no secret that professional sports teams include medical staff. Owners have a lot of money invested in players. Fans want to see their favorite players in action, winning games increases revenues, and injuries are expensive.

Paying a multi-million dollar salary is no problem when the team is winning, stands are full to capacity, and merchandising is flying off shelves. That same salary becomes a liability when a player is injured, performance declines, and revenues sharply decline. It is well worth the expense of a medical team to keep players strong, healthy, and ready to win.

The Benefits of a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is an integral part of the medical team because physical therapy Denver is essential to every aspect of the game. Exercises to keep players strong and flexible are a start. Drills, repetitions, and specific exercises are developed to enhance the abilities needed of each player based on their position on the team. A pitcher needs a strong arm and limber shoulder joints. A guard on the basketball court needs speed and agility.

Balance and coordination are key for any position. Denver physical therapy techniques include activities and strategies to ensure both of those no matter what happens during play. Learning how to fall or withstand physical contact with other players is also done via physical therapy. Injury prevention is important, especially with contact sports. Supports, special tape, and compression also reduce the risks of injury.

Pain Management

Muscles ache, bones creek, tissue swells, and joints stiffen. Tension causes headaches, lack of concentration, and trouble sleeping. Non-addictive pain management is accomplished via heat, whirlpools, massage, and manipulation. A physical therapists can do all of that, as well as demonstrate breathing and simple exercises to minimize pain.


When an injury is sustained during a game or practice, immediate intervention can prevent a minor injury from becoming a major one. It can also keep a star player in the game. An ankle support can reduce swelling and restore strength to the area if the injury is minor. Ice, an assessment, and a quick test of range of motion can ensure a player will not spend time on the bench.

Assessment and strength building are ways Denver physical therapy can reduce overall recovery time for a major injury. Players may only miss the next three games rather than the rest of the season. Physical therapists are as significant to a sports team as the star player.

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